This github page showcases a few of the things I have been working on and contains a blog about things I find interesting to share.

In the past I have been involved as

  • an active member of the Apache Software Foundation
  • product lead of ProGuard / DexGuard
  • software developer for air traffic management systems and simulators (Airtopsoft, Eurocontrol)

I consider myself an expert in the Java / Android ecosystem, ranging from low-level bytecode engineering to library and UI development in swing / javafx / android. In the past I have also coded in c / c++ / python and lately started using kotlin as well.

My focus the last years has been mainly on product management and making sure that customer needs are satisfied in a fast paced environment. The last couple of years I have been working fully remote and was managing a team of developers from a remote location.

I am open for remote contracting positions, feel free to contact me.